Youth Life Vest

By · Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Youth Life Vest
Does the pool deck lifejacket come in a size youth with the user's weight to 90 pounds?

My nephew 3 years with paralysis brain (cerebral palsy) and one on growth syndrome (Sotos) is taking swimming as part of therapy and are trying to find the lifejacket Stearns puddle in a larger bridge. All we can find the child's weight is 30-50 pounds and will not work. Please let me know if you has seen in a larger size Youth 50-90 lbs. really wanted this design. My daughter and her older brother, both the use of this and he comes over and puts his arms in it, but his chest is too big. This is very annoying for him. My daughter is 4 years old and weighs only 36 pounds have the vest and let off as possible. I can not see anyone who takes less than 50 pounds are just a "stringB" It

Do you have the option of using a regular life jacket instead of a puddle jumper? From what I understand, the puddle jumper jackets do not go beyond 50 pounds because once most children reach that weight, that do not require flotation devices around their arms.

Puddle Jumper life vests.wmv

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