Swimsuit Swimming Swim

By · Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Swimsuit Swimming Swim
Where can I buy a swimsuit for the swim team for my high school?

Im going to join the swim team this year, and I have to get a bathing suit, but where can I buy a good without doing it online?

First. Unless you live in a warmer climate, this is the season for the swimsuit in a regular store. Second. depending on your pool, chlorine or salt, have much in their choice. if it is a pool of salt you can use some peep game, but if the chlorine that could pass for a bunch of suits. Third. best bet is to ask your coach, I think someone mentioned that before. The coach knows the best place around. Good luck and if you have a choice I always try to find a polyester suit last much longer time. and remember the costume competition should be less than 2 regular sizes to reduce the drag of his hope to have fun and good luck.:)

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