Swimming Swim Shorts

By · Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Swimming Swim Shorts

If you're in the market for a triathlon suit, but have no idea of the difference between a wetsuit and another, here are some useful tips on search for the right one for you.

Suits have many advantages, but can also create some limitations. You'll have to find out which model will work best for you.

Triathlon suits come in different forms. It is not the full body suit, which is designed to cover the entire length of the arms and legs, all the way to the wrists and ankles.

Another form of triathlon wetsuit is called "John completely." This model is similar a vest on top, leaving the arms free, and covers the entire length of the legs. Then there is the "means John" What is sleeveless and is very much like a pair of shorts knee length at the bottom.

Many people in search of a triathlon wetsuit is sometimes confused with "skin suits". Olympic swimmers often use skin suits. It can also be used for triathlon races. They are designed so that water slides around the body faster and gain a little more buoyancy.

Costumes are legally allowed when the water temperature is below 78 degrees. Skin suits are designed for water temperatures above that level. If you wear a wetsuit or a suit triathlon really depends on skin temperature water.

Some people, naturally, feeling hot, you'll probably find a wetsuit or skin suit to be a little uncomfortable in the waters which are not really cold. This is one of the disadvantages of a wetsuit or a suit of skin. They can make the heat, especially if you are in a triathlon race long as the Iron Man.

But if you're a person who naturally feel cold, or you're swimming in water that is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10-13 degrees Celsius, a triathlon wetsuit, will be very useful.

One factor to consider when shopping for a wetsuit is the flexibility of how much it has, especially in the shoulder area. Most brands of triathlon wetsuit are thicker in the torso region (the material is about 5 mm thick) and thinner in the shoulder area (about 1.5 mm thick).

The fact that most brands wetsuits are more thin shoulders, it means that it will not limit their movement both in swimming. So Be sure to buy a wetsuit is made to provide free mobility.

Many people also wonder what brand of triathlon wetsuit is the best. Frankly, there are many brands out there. The key is finding the triathlon wetsuit that fits you best. So you have to try. A good wetsuit assembly will be very tight all over, but especially in armpits and groin area.

If the dress is loose in these areas, two things can happen. First, the loose material that is rubbed on the skin and cause chafing. Secondly, areas of loose fill with water and slow down as you swim.

Consider these factors when buying a good suit and be ready to leave.

Kerry Sullivan is a triathlete and triathlon coach at the Rock Star Triathlete academy. For more free triathlon wetsuits and training got to http://www.rockstartriathleteacademy.com/

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