Swim Cap Swimming

By · Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Swim Cap Swimming

I received an email from a beginner triathlete which read: "Can you help me with my swimming triathlon? When I get in the water I sink like a stone and I can not keep near the water surface. Any advice? "

This is a fairly common problem for triathletes fighting with its own bathroom. It is a major problem to fix, too. The more of your body (under your hips and legs) you have to throw in the water, the slower you go, and more energy used during the swim. Slower and more tired of leaving the water is not a good combination.

If your hips sink, then there is the water level and causing problems. Here are 5 tips on how to teach yourself to swim level in the water during your next triathlon swim.

1. A common misunderstanding is that you need to swim "above" the water. The first thing to understand is that their goal is not to be "above" the water – you can work both push your body up their movement is affected. Its aim is to be level in the water, especially with the arms and mouth (during breathing) out of water. Swim here without his shower cap so you can feel the water line hit your head. Want more than half of his head below the water line – higher than that and they are probably holding your upper body too high, which can cause the hips to drop.

2. Take a big breath. When the lungs are air-filled act as a lifeline and make it easier to keep the entire upper body and the water level. Use this as your "Ballast" is pressed to raise hips (see tip number 3 for more on this.) Practice holding your breath for most of his career, rapid breathing at the end just as you begin your next breath.

3. A big part of swimming is to find a comfortable position. Practice in both floating stomach and back. Practice shooting from the stomach to the back and then back into the stomach. Concentrate on pressing the chest (if you're on your stomach) or shoulder blades (face up) in the water. You should note that pop-up hips level with the rest of your body.

4. Focus on your balance during exercise. Swim the pool doing exercises career to concentrate on your balance and pushing her chest in water.

5. Improve your kicking form. Many beginners triathletes shot long legs bending at the knee – this can definitely make your hips sink in the water. You want to stay long in the water, so that your kick must be from hips, knees, no. Swim some exercises using fins and concentrate on keeping your knees a little straight (that can bend, but only slightly). Flippers also improve the flexibility of the ankles, which will further enhance your bathroom a stroke. Sometimes I imagine that I'm using fins while swimming to improve my technique shooting.

If you use these tips during your swim triathlon training should consult your swim times fall and you should have more power on the bike out of the water. See my three minutes swimming lesson in the Coach-Janet.

Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson is a USAT certified triathlon coach and ACE certified personal trainer. Janet is an accomplished and nationally-ranked amateur triathlete and she coaches triathletes of all skill levels, from a triathlon beginner to Hawaii Ironman qualifiers. To learn more about triathlon training, swim tips, coaching programs or just great tips on how to stay in shape visit her website at http://www.coach-janet.com

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