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By · Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Ski Vest Life
Starting a business of renting personal watercraft and need some advice!?

Okay so here's the whole enchilada, my grandfather has a complex beach in the north and it's great, has everything you want in a resort (spa, pool, room service good) but what I noticed was that it lacked a good entertainment. I've asked around and what most people want to see is the toy watercraft and the like. I have the intention to ask my grandfather for permission to open a small rental shop there when I see him tomorrow, but I do not know exactly what I need. I mean, obviously, need to get someone to work there and bikes water and life jackets themselves .. but what else? Any idea or suggestion? Thanks in advance!

One big thing I like to think is insurance. An injury to a water scooter (and surely someone gets hurt) and lose everything! You need insurance to cover damage to the watercraft, the people riding it and all that hurt while riding. So before you think about buying something else, I would be ringing the insurance companies to find out how much it would cost secure your business!


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