Silicone Swim Cap

By · Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Silicone Swim Cap
im customize a hat bath 4 a teammate?

in my swim team, we have a co-toh elp each other and support, well for my friend, I was thinking of customizing it a bathing cap to comply with our conference! Im going to customize a nice silicone cap his favorite color … but ….. i need help choosing wat to put at the top? I do not want to wait for the exchange of gifts, because I want it to mean something else … so can u guys help me? my brain is dead and I can not think of anything! only your name somewhere! Help?

Would it have been easier if I had mentioned the team colors or mascot. you can put a pet with you team name, your name, and his name was a heart lining around the pet!

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