Pfd Life Vest

By · Monday, June 18th, 2007

Pfd Life Vest
How to get free jackets / PFD 's for-profit non-kayak club?

I was thinking about this and thought of running for the group. Participate with free kayak program that does a lot of work with schools, local community groups, etc to get some money through voluntary donations here and there but basically broke. It is reflected in the dirty / battered life jackets provided to people who lose an oar. The PFD still work well, but what disgusting! I think there must be some way for a company that sells or makes life jackets could get good public relations for the donation of a new supply PFD to a program like this. But I do not know where to begin to make that happen. Any ideas? Thanks!

try going to a local sports store and ask the manager if he can not help maybe you can talk to manufacture cannot hurt to ask right?

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