Liquid Force Flask

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Liquid Force Flask
Chem Another question!??

A round bottom flask containing a mixture of organic liquids: 2-butanol (The OH is connected to CH) Pentane CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3 propanoic CH3CHCH2CH3 OH (above the O double bond is connected to C only) 1-butanol CH3CH2COH O CH3CH2CH2CH2-OH The flask is distilled to separate liquids and four fractions were collected. A) List of four compounds in the order in which they are expected to distill more (ie, in increasing order of points boiling point) B) Using your knowledge of intermolecular forces, account fully for the differences in boiling points among the four compounds. Draw diagrams to help your explanation. Thank you very much for your help, if they meet U (hopefully not) can show their full elaboration of what I try to understand how in the futur

Pentane: 36 ° C 2-butanol: 100 ° C, propanoic acid: 141 ° C 1-butanol: 117 ° C so the order will pentane – 2-butanol – 1-butanol – propanoic acid. The differences in boiling points is due to intermolecular hydrogen bonding, as pentane is the lack of these forces, their point Boiling is very low. Since propanoic acid exists as dimers, and makes quite strong hydrogen bonds, its boiling point is quite high. The difference between 2 – and 1-butanol can be explained simply by the ease of hydrogen bonds (bulging of 2-butanol is a much interference). Good luck.


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