Life Vest Red

By · Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Life Vest Red
What should I do if my friend is turning into a wannabe punk?

and I'm like all the rocks, and then she begins to wonder about the things This, then, as if to ask me where to get skinny jeans, t-shirts with the band, I wondered what band is im listening used to be all super ugh girly and the country, the announcement now wants to be like me, I was happy with the way it was. now she is going to take drum lessons, guitar lessons, once told him going to get skinny jeans in color, and ends by saying ooh, I'm going to ask for them, then she says she'll Get em, then I said to my style of red skinny jeans, black hair with some extensions, and a vest that is to say or do not own those, ur never gonna have a store, then she told me just go back wtf ur a regular life. i was like whaaaa? this is my life. and she keeps copying me, but whatevs __ha long so I need to know how to make her stop without talking to her becuz it tends a little fight was still talking thxzzzzz

a phase of her and she will return to his normal self ..

How to open your aircraft life vest…

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