Life Vest Blue

By · Friday, February 13th, 2009

Life Vest Blue
Camping trip?

I've asked this before but i havent received any good answer, so tell me some good points. For my canoe trip, I decided that the combination of clothes to wear. boots, socks, boxers and a white shirt. becuause but this trip is in late November, I need warm clothes. so can find1 someone to help me) a couple of nice hot jeans with six buttons at the waist on the inside 2) a pair of light brown (khaki Mabey) Y-back button does not elastic straps with regulators and brown leather and silver faucets Crosspatch, 3) a dark blue color on the exterior, tan / khaki in the interior, add to bottom vest, 4 and 5) and shirt and life jacket of this business, =, Thanks

We will go to a store owner and see what they have to offer.


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