Life Jacket Ski

By · Monday, September 15th, 2008

Life Jacket Ski
How do you prevent life jackets riding around and strangle you?

I'm a big person and love water kayaking, skiing and kayaking. No matter how many different life jackets that I have the same problem buy them a horse and strangle the neck when I'm in the water. Some life jackets make me feel like I'm gonna fall right (this is not good and I'm not a great heat.) I even bought one made especially for women and to no avail. Do any of you women out there have the same problem? Is our building? Thanks for the advice everyone! I saw someone who had a strap to prevent riding up I can not find where to get one. By the way I am relatively thin and small.

Yes, I had the same problem. we are always in the water here too, so its a must – yet so uncomfortable. Finally I went to a local store and tried i couldnt tell you how many – you need to sit in them too, LOL – and finally I found mine. i do not remember the brand, but it's like neoprene, very appropriate and VERY comfortable. who wants to be uncomfortable while having fun?!?! anyway – out out there and start trying them – will find it! Have fun!

Lightyear – Life Jacket Water Wings @ Yeovil Ski Lodge ’06

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