Life Jacket Preserver

By · Monday, November 12th, 2007

Life Jacket Preserver

The summer months are almost here! By taking a moment now to organize and plan their summer months, you can make better use of free time you have while the weather is warm and the sun is shining!

  1. Start by making summer plans now. Vacation planning, organizing projects and home improvement efforts now will help ensure that they do. Preplanning and putting on your calendar events will help you find the time to buy materials and an effective plan. Also holiday planning early can save money as prices are often less expensive the earlier you book.
  2. In the end year, have their children go through their backpacks and dispose of any trash. Put important documents, such as memory cards in a file. What's more, pulled. If the backpack is not going to be used again next year, consider donating to someone less fortunate.
  3. This is a great time of year to buy new sunscreen and insect repellent. Those who have since last year can be almost empty, and you risk running when you most need. Sunblock, in particular, loses their effectiveness over time.
  4. Create a "to go" bag for swimming, or beach. Place frequently used items such as towels, goggles, and goes swimming in the bag and keep it near the door. Or, keep an extra swimsuit and towel in the car if you have the opportunity to take a dip!
  5. If you are taking a vacation, start doing research now. Visit the city's chamber of commerce website and look for deals and coupons. If you is a member of the Triple A, to contact them in advance for the maps for free at your destination. Find out if your offer of Triple A can apply to your accommodation, or any their travel expenses.
  6. Flip flops can easily add an entry clutter. Use large vats drink or baskets to launch summer shoes in. Or hang on hooks to ensure you can always view the options, and are ready to go to a moments notice.
  7. This is a good time of year to update your car kit first aid. If you do not have one, now is a good time to get one. Many discount stores sell packaged first aid kits are $ 10. Make sure all medications are current and band-aids still have adhesive.
  8. Life jackets must fit properly to be effective. Have your kids try them at the start of the season to see if you need to buy a new size. Do not put your child's life at risk with a life jacket is too big or too small.
  9. Summer sports teams like football pads, gloves, baseball and basketball shoes must be treated before the summer season. This will ensure sufficient time to acquire new ones if your child has grown over the previous year. Shopping early will help to have the best chance of finding their size in the style you want.
  10. If your children go to camp, camp now call for a list of devices required. Start shopping with weekly errands to avoid a large commitment of time or expense at a time.

By Bonnie Joy Dewkett

Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is an organizing expert, author, and motivational speaker. Her company, The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home or office. These changes allow her Customers to create calm from chaos at work and at home. Bonnie has achieved the prestigious designation of Certified Professional Organizer, CPO®, from The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. She is a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and has published The Joyful Organizer’s Guide to a Joyful Move which is available on her website

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