Large Life Vest

By · Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Large Life Vest
Help America! Canada will ease our oppressive government?

I am totally serious. Recently, conservative capital in Calgary (Canada) which banned trans fats. For me, someone who would rather live free or die (motto NH) that is equally as heinous as Saddam poisoning her people with the gas sarin. I think it also deserves invasions. Perhaps you wonder why this is wrong. Transfats are bad for you? Sure and so is the chocolate, although larger amounts. I like chocolate and I am sure that many people enjoy either the flavor or the affordability of transfats (otherwise it would not be sold). By stripping this indulgence victims Canada has stripped us of our freedom. We're not in control of our lives! Care America in this legislation and many laws that limit even more is the product of universal health care. Once they are victims of their status will also have a keen interest in their health. Good.

we can not get our Govt under control, what makes you think you can help?

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