Large Life Jacket

By · Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Large Life Jacket

You think it's a ridiculous idea that a dog vest dog needs swimming? While many people would agree with you, there are legitimate reasons for a dog lifejacket.

Do you have a very small dog and enjoy taking them on trips to the beach, lake, or simply to your backyard to the pool? While many dogs are good swimmers, there are some who can not swim very well and the need for additional impetus for a water dog vest would provide.

Can not be able to reach a small dog by the time you realize you have fallen overboard before sinking. If the dog is wearing a dog swim vest, flotation will allow a little more time so you can access them.

If you own a pool and want to make sure your dog is safe, a large dog's life or small jacket will keep your dog safe and prevent drowning. It is expected that the extra buoyancy needed to keep his head above water. Many life jackets the dog have a handle on top that allows for you to pull the dog out of water.

There are even large dogs who need a dog flotation vest. If your dog is anything like my German Shepherd 100 lbs, once the water hits the belly, that's scary. I do not trust him in the middle of a lake. A dog life jacket also would be ideal for an old dog. One can not have the strength or resistance to allow swimming, but with extra help from a lifeguard dog may enjoy the water how did when they were young.

But keep in mind that you should never leave a dog alone when the water and swim wear vest.

Finally, is important that you measure your dog properly so that your dog can not slip out of his jacket. The jacket must provide proper movement for the legs and neck so that to swim while in water.

Some of the most popular brands for the design life jackets are Doggles Dog, Hound person, Ruff Wear, and feet on board.

Poochieheaven is the place to go for durable dog toys and life jacket for dogs. We also have monogrammed dog collars and small dog clothing.

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