Jacket Ski Vest

By · Friday, March 16th, 2007

Jacket Ski Vest
Does it really make warm clothing Gerbings better?

I need warm clothes that do not exhaust the battery in my scooter. I recently purchased a motorcycle my daily commute and short trips to save some money on gas. Now I read that the alternator on my little scooter does not produce enough power for a jacket or heated vest combined with gloves, but I read about clothing with batteries, rechargeable batteries. This would be perfect for me and you can even use during skiing or hiking. So I want to know if what I heard is true, good warranty and product quality Gerbings.

First we need to know what you have scooter. Most support at least one heated gloves or heated vest. Our Vespa GTS is running a heated jacket liner thermal gloves and smoothly. Gerbings runs gloves battery, which also will run on 12 volts and has a battery operated "only" heated vest. Your warranty on the equipment is for life in the heat and a year in the garment. I know I've been a customer since 1976 when I used the gear on my motorcycle. Now ride my Vespa and would never leave home without my heating equipment. Also in this year in SF Amerivespa there will be some very interesting walks heated gear, I understand.

Safety Gear Presentation PART 2 at Peters Marine Service

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