Infant Life Vest

By · Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Infant Life Vest
What is the best life jacket for a 2 year old?

My son will be 2 next month and want to buy a life jacket for him. We will use it in a pool and ocean. He is 29 pounds, and high. Most children say the vests up to 30 pounds and most child vests say 30-50 lbs. I want to make sure no one is left behind in a month, but do not want one either too large. Let's try it vests before buying one for sure it is properly adjusted, but I was hoping I would get some good suggestions on what to look for or what brands or are stlyes best.

1) = & Page = 1 (Rated 4 stars) 2) = = 325878011 & frombrowse = 1 & rh & Page = 1 (also rated 4 stars) 3) (we have one like this but not brown one and it works very good) 4) http:// / tex / float-swimsuit-boys.htm (We also have one like this in pink, my daughter likes too. You do not have they worried about the belts or take off) I would recommend this one for all that I post here Good luck

Sammy Floating!

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