Face Orca Water

By · Monday, April 6th, 2009

Face Orca Water

If you have the "tri" error and decided to take part in a triathlon event, will most likely have a triathlon wetsuit. Of course, are not those rare occasions when an event takes place in warm conditions and triathlon wetsuit is not necessary.

When it comes to buying a suit three, especially for the first time, a lot of people, understandably, confused. If you check the manufacturers web site you will find that most of them say they used a unique technology or other that will help you glide through the water.

The truth is that most of the costumes of three are more or less the same. After all, a Japanese company called Yamamoto rubber supplies almost all the major brands.

Yes, a triathlon wetsuit can help to swim faster because of the extra buoyancy, but they have not put the time in the pool without tri wetsuit will do the job for you.

Therefore, if the majority of triathlon wetsuits are very similar, how do people choose which one to buy? There are three main factors.

1. Price – The Most manufacturers have different models in three price ranges – less than £ 150, £ 150 – £ 300 £ 300 +. Before deciding what costume is for you, you need decide how much you can spend.

2. Fit – as similar as wetsuits are three, there are some differences when it comes to sizing. You need to know your measurements – Weight, height and chest. The size parameters are different for men and women. It is possible that a brand can not have a tri wetsuit in the exact size that fit you, but in a different brand.

3. Standby – Lets face it, all triathletes to look good in the water, on the bike and while running. I have a lot of friends who do not bought a suit of three more expensive because it is better or going to swim faster you make them, but because it looks better, different and fresh.

There you have it, the lack of a real BS guide to buying a suit triathlon neoprene. Whatever brand you decide to go to – Quintana Roo, Orca, 2XU Aqua Sphere or – simply make sure your triathlon wetsuit fits well and does not burn a hole in your pocket. Well, unless it seems very good course.

For more triathlon wetsuits, check out http://www.triathlonwetsuits220.com/.

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