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By · Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Question about my not oneill checkmate CGA?

I just picked up today a new checkmate, this will be my non cga vest seconds. Had previously Hawk had a jet pilot, but that death had never crossed my mind when. I've been boarding for 12 years but not until recently that I've been hearing about all these deaths in connection with comp vest. I have a couple of questions, "checkmate float me quite well? It seems a bit bulkier then my Falcon. Or when you exhale I sink like a rock? The other question, if I do and get knocked on my table is not to sink it?

Normally the problem with the use of a CGA vest is not that keep it afloat. The human body has positive buoyancy. The reason that the vests are not approved is usually CGA because it does not automatically guide a head position when you are beaten unconscious and end in the water. The best CGA vests have passed that pillow great behind the head and are bulky in the front. All he wants to be buoyant in the water surface and therefore you end up hanging below it up and out of water. So to answer your question should not be sinking, but still could end up floating face down in his vest is unconscious.

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