Cap Hat Purple

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Cap Hat Purple

This is the MapleSEA Gachapon Database. If a player has new findings on a particular machine Gachapon, kindly post it to be updated as soon as possible. You can buy Gachapon tickets using @ Cash Store Cash (NX Cash) that can be purchased at the following MapleGlobal MapleSEAstores or Paypal. Search For faster on the item you are looking for, click CTRL + F!

This database serves as a guide only and does not guarantee fortunate to find item available.
White Scroll is available from any machine on Gachapon.
Chaos displacement can be obtained from Gachapon Perion.
The preferred Gachapon Players voted by SEA is MapleStory Zipangu Mushroom Shrine.

What is White Scroll, Cursed Scroll Scroll chaos?

How White moves, Go Go Damn chaos and works? How is it used? Below is the explanation!
White Rolls does not allow a shift not occupy a slot in the computer. White Rolls is commonly used with standard rolls of 10%. The White Rollo asked if you want to use it along with the book you want to move the equipment. White Scroll can be applied to any computer / gun!
Cursed Scrolls is more likely to pass success rate, but also has potential to destroy the item.
If a cursed scroll fails, the success rate calculated to destroy or boom the item!
Chaos gives a boost to Rolls gambling statistics 1 / 3 / 5 or -1/-3/-5. Have the opportunity to destroy the item. A shift of Chaos has a 60% success rate and 50% probability of a positive effect, 33% ATK +5
Go chaos can be used on any computer and the gun! Mark posted this pious facestomper

Gachapon Kampung Village

Black Circle President, President Green Cirlce
Sapphire Earrings, baseball bat wood, bamboo sword, the Polearm Crescent, x2 Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Snowboard Plata, Zeco, Lanter pumpkin, Poison Wand, Wand deadly poison, Musashi Claw, Aqua Snowboard

Gachapon 1 – Henesys

Helmet for Def. (60%)
Cabo Magic Def. (10%)
Gloves for Attack (10%)
Running shoes direct (10%)
Personal care Magic. (10%)
Topwear Def. (10%)
Wand Magic attention. (10%)

Usable Drops
Power Elixir
Elixir fusion
Back displacement of Dead Mines

Common equipment
Bamboo Spear
Sword Bamboo
Black Tube
Black Umbrella
Blood Snowboard
Blue Work Gloves
Brown Adventurer Cape
Colorful Tube
Dark Snowboard Doombringer
Emergency rescue tube
Green Umbrella
Hula Hoop
Ice Jeans
Korea Fan
Light Purple Umbrella
Metal Wand
Old Wisconsin
Pico-Pico Hammer
Pink Adventurer Cape
Cape Purple Adventurer
Purple Tube
Purple Work Gloves
Red Baseball Cap
Red Brick
Red Flowery Tube
Red Starry Bandana
Red Whip
Red Work Gloves
Snowboard Silver
Sky Blue Starry Bandana
Blue Sky Umbrella
Snowboard Heaven

Beginner equipment
Frozen tuna

Guerrero equipment
Adamantium Legend Shield
Adamantium Tower Shield
Fork on a Stick
Gold Sharp Helm
Green Lamell
Heavy Hammer
Mop concierge
The Nine Dragons

Magician equipment
Arch Personal
Black Amoria Robe
Black Split
Blue Anakamoo
Blue Calaf
Enigmatic Blue
Blue Fairy Robe Skirt
Blue Infinium Aro
Blue Moonlight Blue Jester
Blue Requiem
Blue Requierre
Blue Wizardry Hat
Matty Brown
Brown Requierre
Brown's Requiem
Dark Anakamoon
Enigmatic Dark
Dark Infinium Aro
Dark Galaxy
Dark Gold Ring
Dark Requierre
Dark Ritual
Dark Seraphis
Dark Starlight
Alas Mal
Fairy Wand
Golden Pride
Mysterious Green
Green Green Jester Seraphis
Fan Hinomaru
Mystic Cane
Mystic Shield
Orange Calaf
Orange Calas
Part Orange Split
Purple Split
Red Calaf
Red Guiltian
Infinium Red Ring
Moonlight Red
Red Requierre
Red Requiem
Sapphire Staff
White Anakamoon
White Calaf
White Doros Robe
White Guiltian
Seraphis Whte
Assistant Wand

Bowman equipment
Arco Asianic
Cao Cao Bow
Dark Hunter Armor Pants
Fork on a Stick
Top Green Archer
Green Pole-Feather Hat
Gross Jaeger
Chainmail Red Bennis
Red Shivermail
Vaulter 2000
Avelin Yellow Skirt

Thief equipment
Adamantium Igor
Blood kill
China Blue Trousers
Blue Beetle
Bronze Igor
Brown thief
Dark Cleave
Dark Beetle
Dark Scorpio
Deadly End
Fork on a Stick
China Green
Shadow khakis
Mithril Titans
Purple Avenger
Red Nightshift
Red Qi Pao
Sapphire Killed

Gachapon 2 – Ellinia

Dagger Att. (10%)
Helmet for Def. (10%)
One-handed Axe Att. (10%)
One hand Sword Att. (10%)
Arm Polo Att. (10%)
Spear Att. (10%)
Personal care Magic. (10%)
Two-Handed Sword for Att. (10%)
INT Cape

Useable drop
Energy Elixir
Takoyaki (jumbo)

Common equipment
Aluminum baseball bat
Aqua Snowboard
The Bamboo Spear
Black Baseball Cap
Blue Baseball Cap
Blue Flowery Tube
Blue Metal Gear
Blue Sauna Robe
Blue Work Gloves
Brown Bamboo Hat
Brown Bandana
Brown Work Gloves
Camouflage pants
Dark Snowboard
Emergency rescue tube
Green Bandana
Green Umbrella
Hardwood Wand
Beta Brand
Unnamed Sword
Pico-Pico Hammer
Pink shirt starry
Purple Bandana
Purple Tube
Purple Work Gloves
Red Baseball Cap
Red Brick
Red Emerald Earrings
Cabo Rojo Justice
Red Flowery Tube
Red Sauna Robe
Red Whip
Red Work Gloves
Snowboard Silver
Blue Sky Umbrella
White Justice Cape
White Napoleon
Yellow Metal Gear
Yellow Starry Bandana
Yellow Umbrella
Yellow Work Gloves

Warrior equipment
Blue Axe
Blue Dragon
Soldier Blue Jangoon
Blue Kendo Robe
Lolic blue pants
Bronze Viking Helm
Lolic Brown Pants
Dark Trousers Shouldermail
Lanza bifurcated
Golden Dragon
Great Brown Helmet
Heaven's Gate
Justice of the sky
Heavy Hammer
Holy Lance
Iron Ball
Mithril Crusader Helm
Mithril Football Helmet
Mithril Tower Shield
Mithril Viking Helm
Helm Orihalcon Burgernet
Orihalcon Master Sergeant Kilt
Blade tip
Polish Arm
Red Engrit
Skirt Red Lamell
Red Martial Arts Pants
Red Shark
Red Shark Skirt
Silver Planet
Skull Shield
Sky Shark
Steel Corporal Pants
Steel Fitted Mail
Steel Nordic Helm
The Nine Dragons
The Rising
The Shining
Two-handed Sword
Wooden sword

Magician equipment
Arch Personal
Black Jester
Black Split Pants
Black Split Piece
Black Split Skirt
Blood Chaos Robe
Blue Guiltian
Brown Moonlight
Brown Starlight
Dark Anakamoon
Dark Anakarune
Dark Calaf
Dark Galaxy
Enigmatic Dark
Dark Gold Ring
Dark Infinium Aro
Dark Manute
Alas Mal
Golden Pride
Gold Manute
Fan Hinomaru
Metal Wand
Mithril Wand
Mystic Cane
Old Wooden Staff
Orange Calas
Part Orange Split
Purple Fairy Top
Purple Fairy Robe
Red Amoria Robe
Red Anakarune
Moonlight Red
Network Pennance
Red Split
Black Split Piece
Red Hat Wizardry
Sapphire Staff
Steel Manute
Personal SunQuan
White Anakamoon
White Doros Robe
White Guiltian
White Split Pants

Bowman equipment
Arco Asianic
Blue Piette Pants
Blue Hat Robin
Able Armor Skirt Brown
Brown Hard Leather Top
Hunter Brown
Robin Brown Hat
Dark Hunter Armor
Dark Trousers Legolia
Dark Piette
Crow Eagle
Able green armor
Able Armor Skirt Green
Avelin Green Skirt
Green Bennis Chainmail
Green Distinction
Hunter Green Armor
Armor Hunter Green Pants
Green Huntress Armor
Green Legolia
Legolier Green Pants
Green Maro
Robin Green Hat
Bow Hunter
Mountain Crossbow
Red Bennis Chainmail
Red Distinction
Red Hawkeye
Red Hunter Armor
Red Lumati
Red Viper
Silver Raven
Vaulter 2000
Wooden sword
Yellow Able Armor

Thief equipment
Adamantium Guards
Adamantium Igor
Bazlud | Black Mamba
Black Rob
Blood kill
Bloody Mantis
China Blue
Blue Loosecap
Blue Moon Pants
Blue Nightshift Pants
Blue Qi Pao
Blue Qi Pao Pants
Blue Beetle
Giant Bronze
Bronze Guardian
Brown Chinese
Brown Pants Hardleather
Brown Loosecap
Brown Beetle
Dark Brown Stealer Pants
Dark Identity
Dark Killed
Dark Shadow
Deadly End
Green Guise
Green Tiberian
Dagger bifurcated
Mithril Guard
Purple Shadow Pants
Network thief
Network Nightshift
Red Nightshift Pants
Red Pao Pants
Sapphire Killed
Silver Black Stealer
Killed Steel
Triple point Zamadar
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