Set Swimming Pool

By · Monday, October 26th, 2009

Set Swimming Pool
When my pool filter is set to blow the air filter out one of the planes?

Attempting to open the pool. We filled the basket with water and configure the filter for washing, rinsing and then filter. When he got to filter, just blew the air one of the 2 planes. What's happening? Does not look like any water runs through the plastic window of the pump. Can I have a leak in the pipes? How I can know?

First make sure the pool is filled with water. If the level is not high water to fill the fur and will no water to pump. Sounds like the pump has lost its prime. Take cover Shopping pump filter, make sure there are no leaves on the camera (be sure to check that actually drains into the pump chamber) and fill the chamber with water. Then replace the cover while making sure the lid has a good seal and you do not have a good seal. Turn on the pump and let it run 1-2 minutes. You may have to try this 4-5 times. If nothing else works, you have a leaking pump seal, the chamber containing the pump basket or on a line running from the pool to the pump. This loss is allowed to pull the pump in the air instead of water. Good luck.

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