Pool Simple Sand

By · Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Pool Simple Sand
I want to build a small wooden deck, about a 5×5 which will go next to an above ground pool.?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this or instructions that I need to know? We would like mere infatuation, nothing. We live in Oklahoma so our land is more like a sand mix with soil. Thanks!

Sizing issues aside, the first thing you do is dig a foot. The size of these holes does not matter, but since I use 4X4, the smaller the better. A post hole digger should work fine. Since I live in upstate New York, the holes for the covers should be excavated at least 36 "deep. I will assume that the frost line is OK at all … probably should be in at least 2 feet deep. Since it is a pool, I presume to be an independent structure (not connected to anything else). Therefore, you're focus should be to "build a box ". Set in concrete columns 4×4 (to be able to set and cure before the loads are placed on it.) headers are commonly used to support and weight transfer through all members of the ground. Since this deck is so small, I'm not sure you need them. Racking is the main concern in building separate structures. You do not want someone to jump on it, have the force of weight change and collapse. I would put the 2×8 on top and bottom if the 4×4 columns. In this way the formation of a picture frame. When you have this box construction instead of 2×8 2×8 between the top to serve as floor beams. In general, the actual decking is made with 5 / 4 x 6 wood. Depending on your style and budget, the two most preferred wood is pressure treated wood and cedar. Note that treated wood pressure is injected with chemicals. If you are using this near a swimming pool, we can assume that people are barefooted. Splinters can be painful and cause infection. I would suggest cedar, but if cost is a problem, PT wood is going to have to work. I would also suggest a cross braces to prevent a few shelves below too. They should go on a 45 degree angle from the base to the top of the unit. Railing is typically a personal preference of style and decoration. You can simple ideas to get driving around and just look at other people's lanes. (There are so many types and styles.) Some people prefer the nails, I prefer the screws. If you use pressure-treated wood that undoubtedly must use screws. Because the PT wood is injected with water and chemicals, tends to decrease with time. Nails is projected just outside the face board. They can be struck back down, but the screws are fixed into the wood enough should never have to be touched again. In addition, note that because the PT wood in fact contract, when screwed cover plates, you should not leave space between them. If you leave a 1 / 4 "space among them, the boards will decrease over time and space is becoming too large and dangerous … Oh, just thinking about a toe was caught between them. Stairs are another issue altogether. You may want to start another question just based on how to set out … You need a squad and at least some useful knowledge on how to use it … Good luck … Enjoy …

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