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Palm Bay Above

Cleaning is a vital step in your routine skin care. Proper cleansing with products specific to your skin type will improve your overall appearance. Daily cleaning is important to remove dirt and bacteria, sweat, air pollution, excess fat in the cleaning and also exfoliates the skin surface to facilitate circulation.

Proper cleansing starts with clean hands. This prevents the transfer of bacteria to your face. Apply your cleansing cream on the forehead and then sweep cleaner on the face, lips and neck. Massage the cleanser into the skin in a gentle circular motion. Eye makeup can be removed with specially formulated eye creams, as some facial cleansers are not suitable for application to the eye area. Rinse face with cool or warm (not hot or cold). hot or cold extremes can cause redness and broken capillaries on sensitive skin. Hot water opens the pores and expose these pores to environmental pollution and dirt.

The best cleanser is those that clean the skin without stripping them of natural fatty oils that protect the skin and water resistant. Remove excess fat in the skin can be achieved without soap strong and strong cleansing creams that dry the skin. This affects leaves the skin exposed to bacteria, cellular damage, and prone to fine lines and wrinkles due to lack of moisture.

Below are easy recipes for various skin types:

Normal Skin
No matter what skin type, choose mild liquid gel or soap to clean your face. Made soaps bath, body and hands tend to be dry no matter what skin type and should be avoided on the face and neck. When bought the store buying cleansing creams look for avocado, coconut, or wheat germ. These natural ingredients are suitable for normal skin types. Moreover, then is a facial cleanser for normal skin:

Gentle Facial Cleanser

1 / 2 cup oatmeal or cornmeal
plain yoghurt (add enough yogurt to form a paste)
Mix ingredients into a paste. With his hand in a circular motion upwards, gently massage the paste on your skin. Rinse with warm water water and then apply a moisturizer and toner.

Dry Skin
First, stay away from hot water before cleaning the face and the hot water opens neck.The pores and extracts the natural moisture quickly. His cleansing creams should contain non-detergent ingredients that rinse easily. When selecting your eye cream Cleaning products containing natural ingredients such as almond, olive and jojoba oils. Below is an easy recipe to clean dry skin types:

Honey Cleanser (for dry skin)
* Castile Soap
1 teaspoon honey

Wet face. Pour a little castile soap in the palm of your hand, add honey. Mix honey and soap into a lather, wash face.

* Castile soap is made from vegetable oil instead of animals fat like other soaps. Oils used in castile soaps include olive, coconut, almond, hemp, and jojoba

Oily Skin
Avoid cleaners wax-based, since they are prone to clogged pores. An easy recipe for oily skin is as follows:

3 tablespoons oatmeal
2 teaspoons water witch hazel
few drops of water

Dampen oatmeal with a few drops of water then add the witch hazel. Apply to face with a movement move upward and outward. Rinse with warm water. This recipe is good for all skin types. If you have dry skin add a little oil and olive oil.

Combination Skin
Use a foaming face wash in the morning to keep out oily areas. Your skin care regimen at night you must use a cleaner cream to soothe the dry areas. The above recipe oatmeal is suitable for all skin types and would be useful for combination skin types.

Skin sensitive
Clean with soft, milky lotion, soluble in water and warm water. Avoid gels or soaps that contain drying alcohol, preservatives, or strong-acting acid. Avoid exfoliating scrubs or astringents, which can cause inflammation.

1 cup dried chamomile
4 tablespoons honey
1 cup milk
8 tablespoons wheat germ

Steep chamomile in milk for several hours. Strain, keeping liquid. Add honey and wheat germ to liquid mixture. Mix well. Place in a bottle. ; Refrigerate any used portion. Holds up to a week.

The ingredients in this recipe add a variety of benefits to the skin. The Chamomile is one of the herbs used in the cosmetics industry. It is used in soaps and cleansing creams to soothe and soften skin. The milk of natural alpha a hydroxyl helps the skin exfoliates and removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It is very moisturizing and soothing for the skin. Wheat germ contains vitamin E and B, which makes this ingredient nourishing and very soothing. In addition, the soft granular texture moves out of the dead skin cells, which makes it a perfect ingredient for sensitive skin.

Carol Belanger Photo
Carol Belanger, author of 300+ Skin Care Recipes
For wonderful homemade skin care recipes, including body scrubs, facial peels and masks, etc., visit Complete Skin Care Therapy

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