Kids Inflatable Swimming

By · Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Kids Inflatable Swimming
things to do with children during the summer?

I need some ideas on what I can do with the kids I see .. I have a large inflatable slide thing for them and a park right behind my house and near a public swimming pool .. What are some other ideas I can do with them .. and in one day rainy what are some fun activities you can do inside, in addition to arts and crafts, movies, puppet shows ..

Treasure hunts, it kept the children (kindergarten and 2nd grade) i nanny busy for hours! He added that Easter eggs in time for summer! Dig their baskets (we're lucky we found them, grocery bags that do) and plastic eggs, I hid around his house while they waited in their rooms .. then found them! You can also make it harder to giving each child a specific color (s) of egg, or have a time limit, so has entertainment Endless has gak-glue, borax powder and water I think? search for it online, but does not stain and is very fun to play! Hide-n-seek apples board game apples jr. is fun for children from school! funny and fun, and expand your vocabulary at the same time! going to do their own snack each day. You can search online for all types of snack ideas that are fun, so it's almost like an art and a snack all in one:) give them a disposable camera, and let him do silly photos (depending on the number of children and the budget of course)

Inflatable Kids !

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