Kiddie Wading Swimming

By · Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Kiddie Wading Swimming
If you live in the Dallas, Texas, metropolitan area, please help me find this!?

This is a bit random, but I am looking pool for children (also called swimming pools for children) and I can not find one anywhere! I do not want an inflatable, but one that is plastic hard. I found the following online stores: Sam's, Costco, Walmart, ToysRUs, Big Lots and Target (did not go to these places yet). I went to the following stores and I know for a fact that do not: Walmart, Leslie Pool Supplies, Dolphin Pool Supply, Big Lots, Dollar General y. There's one on Amazon, but I prefer not to ask for a line. Ebay has one available if you live in Illinois. I want to buy one for my dog, hence the reason for not wanting an inflatable. This is driving me crazy, aid please! I am willing to drive to most surrounding Metroplex, but no more than about 30 miles from Dallas. Thanks again for all the help!

I think the reason can not find one is because it is a "season" article. Meaning of the stores will take them at the time that the issue is most used commomly. In this case, the summer time. Pools, as they probably will be in Wal-Mart a few weeks. You might think about checking out garage sales too.

PORTOVITA, Cubao, Metro Manila

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