Kid Kiddie Plastic

By · Friday, November 14th, 2008

Kid Kiddie Plastic
How badly did you hurt your brother (hopefully by accident)?

I accidentally cut the bottom lip of the sister me when we were kids. We had a children's pool and, of course, we had our swing slide over the edge. We had been falling in water for a while when I realized it was fun to lift the lid on its way down and see her go. She begged me to stop, but I just had to do it again. She flew up and, without going through the water and hitting a large metal box on the opposite side of the pool (good set-up, Dad.) Her lower lip was reduced to except the end of a piece of skin on the inside, about 1 / 2 ml wide. My poor mother. (All the time that the plastic surgeon was fixing my sister lips, I was praying it would not be able to speak well enough to tell her what had happened. She went.

I broke my nose sisters … we were on the down as head to toe, and she was tickling my feet …. I kicked a look at the bus stop and went right in the nose. i also swung a metal bat in the knee ….. nothing broken, but she cried ….. lol im really half sister.


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