Intex Above Ground

By · Monday, November 12th, 2007

Intex Above Ground
above ground intex pool, so the problem of water – with the iron?

We just got our 18''x48 "above intex metal frame pool floor. Filled with well water, and BROWN. I went to the local pool shop Norbert, and The Great Esc. They gived me some control iron chemical, and Clorox. After two days nothing seems to work. Please HELP. Children can not wait to get to the pool. I was so sure these guys know everything, and it seems like they do not. Verry dissapionting.

First things first. If your well water has iron in it. To add a plate removing metal chemicals for your pool water. You want to have the filter running 24 hours a day until the water clears. Remember also that the intex "Comes with a relatively inexpensive pump / filter system, so you will have a tremendous time filtering the water every year. The filter is a cheap intex filter small cartridge system. This will make cleaning the water take 3-4 days or more. Because it is a small filter, and is a cartridge style filter, you will be want to take the filter and hose away every six hours or less. The more you clean the filter cartridge, the faster your pool clean. INTEX Swimming Pool Systems are nice, but they are intended for the group and quick use with city water that is relatively clear, and as such is edible for humans. They will not tell you that, but with the size of the pool and filter size, unfortunately these are the problems we face every year if you fill with good. So … Filter Filter filter, that's all I can say right now. The only way to filter and clean water is the pump / filter system they give you. Finally … Do not be disappointed with the guys from the shop. The pools are unique and each group acts differently. You could build two pools buried side by side in the same courtyard, and in two years each has its own shortcomings and differences in the care of them, though they are identical and built simultaneously. So what I'm saying is .. do not feel as the guy from the pool shop misleading. You can not take about 5 to 7,000 gallons a intex might hold, and have a miracle overnight. Consumers never look at themselves first. It's not your fault you have filled the pool with well water. Additionally. Any pool store is "selling" CLOROX as chlorine in the pool should be avoided. Chlorine is much much much stronger than Clorox or any article of household bleach. Finally … at closing. The kids Wait-song "is so common, but its always the parents or adults in all cases expected late the creation of a pool and get it operational. Do yourself a favor next time, and set two weeks before you want to use. If you only take four days to clarify and obtain clean, consider lucky, and now their children will benefit from early use power. To install and think that tomorrow is going to swim is not realistic.

Intex above ground pool assembly – fast

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