Inflatable Family Pool

By · Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Inflatable Family Pool
How do I keep my pool pump inflatable free?

Inflatablte I have a "family group" (10×3). Recently I used bleach for cleaning, but have switched to chlorine. The problem is that its so cloudy you can not see the bottom. How can I get that not so cloudy?. The only items I have read have referred to the pits with a bomb, and this doenst have one!

You need to get a pump and a filter if you want to keep the water in the pool for nothing more than a few days. Your best bet is to keep the drainage of the pool and start over. This is going to sound gross, but stick with me here … Pool is a few hundred gallons of water to most. A pair of sun protection in children entering the pool. The lava eventually sunscreen. Children also sweat, shed the dead cells of skin, body oil, body fluids and everything you want to imagine in the pool. It will be coludy no mater how much chlorine is added the pool because the chlorine will break things just so. "To clarify the water, the only options you have are either empty the pool and refill every few days or less, or have a pump and filter to help trap strain and oils and all that goes into the pool to keep the chlorine to work so hard. The chlorine alone will not deal with what they are asking me to do.

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