Inch Above Ground

By · Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Inch Above Ground

Bathing season the pool is coming. Its time for many of us to get our chemicals orderly implementation. Open our pools and see how they faired during the winter season. Many pool owners warmer climate may be starting now. Some of us have to wait a little more as it is still cold. If you do not have an above ground pool, and have been thinking about getting one, now is the time. Installing your own land pool can be done by yourself, providing you follow some simple instructions. As always follow the manufacturer's instructions you get with our kit Pool.

After making sure that you want to put your pool, ensuring adequate space around the whole, the most important thing is to ensure that the ground where the pool to be placed is level. Most of us do not know how to use or access a transom, so you can use an 8 foot 2×4 and a level. Make sure the 2×4 is as straight as can be, or it will mess up your measurements.

The structure of the pool fund has backing tracks that are joined together by connecting plates. Below each plate position and bury a patio block measuring 12 "x 12" x 1 "thick, making the block is flush with the ground for stability. Do not carry on the ground at all levels at this point, because the best is to have the base of your pool sit in the virgin soil. This type of soil has had time to pack down and is what is needed to ensure your pool does not change once it is filled with water.

Once you have the rings and plates in place, you can start to build the walls. As the walls run around the track in the background, you can install the high areas to help with the stability of the wall, making sure to install the studs around the side of the pool (if you install an oval swimming pool).

Its walls are high and insurance, then add the sand in the center. Only the use of sifted sand if you do not, you will feel every rock or stone as you walk through the pool, or run the risk of puncturing the liner. Two inches of sand is required on the floor with six inches long, where the soil and the wall. To make it much easier, install foam mattress quarter inch polypropylene in the after the sand bottom is in. This is when it is time to install your pool liner, do not have a problem with footprints in the sand under his shirt.

Now that's over with sand, it's time to install the siding. Quit and fix to the wall. May pools still use the line overlay is easy to install. As its name suggests, the pool liner overlaps the top of the wall and secured with plastic clips. Then it is placed on the pool ledge. Other lining type is a J peak, which has built in hooks at the top of the shirt. These line types are characterized by beautiful patterns on the top edge. Any Above Ground Pool Liner is fine and works well.

These are just some guidelines to install your own above ground pool. Please be sure to read the instructions Manufacturer carefully included in the kit above ground Pool. Once installed, you can enjoy any year of swimming fun with the family, friends and loved ones.

Steve Merillat has been in the Swimming Pool and Spa industry for 35 years. He started early on working for various Swimming Pool supply companies before ventured out in his own business. He pioneered many processes with the installation of Swimming Pools & Spas that are used as industry standards today. He regularly holds seminars and classes on how to properly maintain your Swimming Pool and Spa. For more information on Hot Tubs visit

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