Ground Pool Kit

By · Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Ground Pool Kit
how to repair a hole in a pool?

I have a metal frame / above ground pool that began yesterday and realized that there was a lot of holes it is saved for like three years. I found my swimming pool repair kit but no instructions. There are two pool shell casings, a smooth, rough 1, and an extra blade and a smooth clear rubber cement pipe …. any suggestions on how to use?

I have not found any repair kits with a variety of texture patch. I'm guessing, but I think it is the intention to match the texture of the area to be applied. The instructions for vinyl patches are all similar: * Remove waste in the area to repair * Cut the patch to an appropriate size, plus an inch or two of overlap make rounded corners * If submerged, use googles * Apply the rubber cement to repair and / or the edge of * hole stop work for a few minutes * * apply the patch many hours of complete healing

Intex Pool Maintenance Kit instructional Video.

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