Ground Intex Swimming

By · Friday, September 7th, 2007

Ground Intex Swimming

Investing in a heater for your pool pays dividends. It extends the use of the pool beyond the summer season. While many consider to have a pool as a form of entertainment and fun during the summer, can also be seen as a lifestyle. It can also provide a good choice for fitness for all ages, as it is safe for joint and muscle injuries caused by the strong impact caused by activities such as running and jumping.

It is important for a pool water temperature comfortable when in use. Keep the water in your pool water warm and comfortable for most parts of the year can not be possible without a heater.

There are three main types of pool heaters. Choose the type of heater for your pool depends on several factors such as use of the pool, pool design, available area, location and budget.

Solar heaters are efficient, but very expensive and bulky. Oil and gas heaters heaters are the cheapest, but are not ideal for prolonged use, and rely on regular fuel available. Electric pool heaters are expensive but are the energy efficient and long lasting.

Solar heaters make use of the sun's energy for heating. This type of energy is collected by the panels solar typically installed on the roof or other areas where the total area of solar panels is equal to the pool surface. While it is considered environmentally friendly and saving type of heating energy, it only works when there is energy captured from the sun. In northern climates, there can be as effective as an electric heater in the pool. For owners of most of the pool, a solar heater is not considered the first choice due to its high initial cost compared to gas heaters and pool electric.

The most popular type of heater would likely be gas or diesel heaters. This is due to the lower cost of installation of such heaters. Gas heaters use natural gas or propane for fuel while the fuel oil heaters using oil-based fuel. Gas and oil fired heaters are ideal for rapid heating. These options are effective for pool heating for a short period of time and not used regularly.

Electric pool heaters are more expensive than other heating methods but will work even in colder weather in the solar heat is insufficient. In areas where natural gas and heating oil are not available, an electric heater is your best option. Compared with solar heaters, heater electric pool requires less space, unused space consuming solar panels the size of your pool surface.

A heater power pool has a heat exchanger which transfers heat from the ambient air in your pool water using a compressor. This type of heater uses earth-friendly refrigerant to generate heat in the unit. Electric heaters are specially designed to save energy. In colder regions, an electric heater requires more energy to heat the pool water. In warmer regions, it requires less energy and works faster from the ambient air is already hot.

Now that you know the different types of pool heaters, the type you think suits your needs?

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