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By · Monday, August 6th, 2007

Filter Safe Ladder
I need advice / steps to closing my inground pool for winter?

I have a 18×36 in ground pool (this is our first year with a swimming pool .. buy a house that had one) anyway, maybe some of you experts please lead me in the right direction on how to successfully close winter. We return lines running to the pool pump which are about 50-100 meters from the pool. we have a sand filter pump, steps 2 and 3 jets skimmer 1. I need some step by step please advice on how / what to do to ensure that the pool will be safe through the cold winter (we live Iowa), so we do get ice / snow … I know that the water chemistry and the drain below the skimmer – what's next? Please help! Thanks

You might want to check out the article by closing the pool and illustrations to make sure freezing does not affect any of their teams. Most equipment has drain plugs to prevent damage to equipment. Hope this helps!

South State

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