Swimming Pool Vinyl

By · Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Swimming Pool Vinyl
How I can remove a stain from the bottom of a vinyl lined pool?

When I opened the swimming pool was green earth this sping. I bleach to clear it, but then I noticed a large stain on the bottom of the deepest part. We see color rust. I had tested the water. Everything is in equilibrium, without metals in the water. I've brushed several times – no luck. It looks horrible!

You may not have all the metals in the water now, which could be due they have fallen and stain the bottom of the pool. Use a locking metal product and poured directly on the spot, if possible. It would be even better if the bomb was deactivated at least 20 minutes before adding it to stay on the spot. Let this sit for an hour or so and then try rubbing the stain. Removing stains can be a real pain, especially on vinyl.


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