Spa Bath Hot

By · Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Spa Bath Hot

As innocuous-looking invitation as your Jacuzzi or hot tub may seem, used for therapeutic purposes will require more caution than it probably wait. The first rule is: if there are potentially troublesome health problems, talk to your doctor. There are physical conditions that require a certain amount of prudence.


More doctors probably agree that it is inadvisable for pregnant women to take a hot bath. Who know what injury the fetus may suffer if the mother's body has gotten too hot? Pathogens in water are an added danger. Waiver of pleasures a hot tub until after giving birth and healing is a wise choice many pregnant women take.

Heart Diseases

Be careful if you are taking anticoagulants. These blood-thinning medications can make you vulnerable to extreme temperature conditions. It can be combined with heat from the tub to cause fainting, dizziness or nausea. If your doctor has given the go-signal to plunge into the water, follow the prescribed duration and temperature and if you feel something undesirable or unusual, out of the tub as soon as possible. Do it slowly and carefully. Take a cold shower, taking care that the water the shower is not cold, and drink more water.

High Blood Pressure

The relaxation induced by a bath heat will be very beneficial if you are suffering from high blood pressure. But watch out for unwanted reactions if you are taking hypertensive mediations. Again, check with your doctor first before taking the dive.

Substance Use

Absorbing alcohol while in the spa Hot water is like driving under the influence. When combined with water heat, dehydration and blood-thinning effect of alcohol may cause you to become weak or dizzy. You may also become sleepy and fall asleep until they slip under the water. Avoid taking nonprescription drugs known side effect of drowsiness. These include cold, sinus and cough medicines. Needless to say, you are in even greater danger if used illegal chemicals.

Exceed deadlines

There is a limit for how long, or anyone for that matter, should stay in a steam bath. No more than twenty minutes inside is a good guide. Talking can make some people stay in the water longer than necessary. How overheated or dehydrated can result.

Aquatic Diseases

Beware of the following conditions that can result from poorly sterilized bathtub, which was conducive to growth bacterial by warm temperature in the first place:

Besides being a great way to relax, hot tubs offer therapeutic effects, when done properly and that is safety in mind. There are times when it should be altogether avoided, even under professional supervision. Otherwise certain precautions should be in place. Hot tub owners or spa, be careful!

For more information on Hot Tub Safety visit Facts About Hot Tubs Guide, a popular site about the therapuetic benefits of hot tubs. Find out how to choose the right hot tub, where and how to install it and the safety and health aspects that must be observed.

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