Pool Vacuum Hose

By · Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Pool Vacuum Hose
How I can use my vacuum for my above ground pool?

Our 18'x48 'above ground pool just turned a yellowish green. I bought a shock treatment, and spread today. But there are things in the bottom i need to empty, but im not sure where the hose pump. I also wonder how I clean the pump, I need not even that? Im pretty new to all this so i need a lot of help with the maintenance. Thanks

Go to your local pool supply store for advice. They can show you the parts you need and how to connect to the filter better than a description here. As for the filter to find out what type of agent used (cartridge, sand or DE) is rare that you would have to clean the pump, but there is a filter that can achieve waste large (leaves, sticks, etc) and must be emptied (must be a transparent window to determine if necessary)

Pool fun with Vacuum hose

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