Pool Automatic Chlorinator

By · Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Pool Automatic Chlorinator
How will I use chlorine in my pool?

We just bought a house in MI with a 16×32 inground pool. I'm getting ready to buy chemicals for it. The pool has an automatic chlorinator and wonder whether or not to buy 3 "or 1 tokens" or sticks or anything that is there. Also how many pounds of chlorine in the summer will go through to operate the pump for 12 hours a day. Any tips or advice for pool chemicals would be greatly appreciated.

Definitely do NOT have to chlorinate a private residential pool, otherwise it will very quickly have a swamp instead of a pool. Go with the 3 "tabs dissolve more slowly so you do not have to add tabs, but every one or two weeks (I have some in my pool route that I have to add only once per month). As for the amount they buy, as with everything, the more you buy the more you save. Does not expire so if you have some left at the end of the season only stores up next. As for other tips, the key to maintaining a beautiful pool, if the preventive maintenance (as with any investment). I recommend take one day a week (only an hour or less) and perform maintenance: * clean the water line (with a tab / vinyl cleaner from your pool local store) * Remove large debris from the bottom of the pool with a leaf rake (big it attaches to the end of telescopic pole *) vacuum pump skimmer baskets * net * deep pool vacuum clean the filter to filter by type (sand filter washing and cleaning cartridges * cartridge filter elements, and for backwash and recharge with DE) * Test chemicals – chlorine and pH test weekly, biweekly Alkalinty total and calcium hardness every month. Recommended chemical levels: Chlorine: 1-5 ppm pH: 7.2-7.6 Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm Calcium Hardness: 200-300 ppm of chlorine addition, you will need to purchase other chemicals for the balance is ie, sodium bicarbonate (for total alkalinity), Soda Ash (pH) and calcium chloride (for calcium). If you ever have to lower the pH, use muriatic acid. You can purchase these chemicals in your local pool. Most likely trying to sell for BioGuard or some other brand of pool chemicals. Those who name is what you call chemicals in bulk, they come in bags of 50 pounds and are much less expensive. They are exactly the same, you're just not paying for advertising. Again, not bad, so you can save for years. Just be sure to keep chemicals out of the elements. I recommend getting a test kit good (the best is made by Taylor). Do not use test strips as they are difficult to read and often misunderstood. I see that you are in Michigan. If you happen to be near the area Saginaw / Bay City is a great company called Cherokee Pools. They have a retail store and also make the service if you have any repair work. (My husband started his career with them for years and now own our own company in Myrtle Beach). If you have any other questions I would more than happy to answer them.

Swimming Pool Automatic Chlorinators

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