Pool Alarm Remote

By · Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Pool Alarm Remote

How can it be that in this era of efficient appliances and energy saving devices that could use energy simply a waste and not even be aware? Could it really be a silent and mysterious culprit is wasted energy and draining money from your pocket?

The following is a list of tracks that you are wasting energy and is the result of the lessons life experiences outside the network with an independent solar energy for 15 years.

* Energy Losing Track # 1: The device has a remote control.
Guilty devices TV, VCR, stereo, garage door opener, satellite dish

* Energy Losing Track # 2: The device has a display of light or illumination.
Guilty LCD-clock devices, microwave LCD screen, box plugs, computer, speakers and peripherals, modem, cable box, desktop phones

* Energy Loss Clue # 3: The device is used to charge other devices.
devices guilty, battery chargers, laptop, mobile phone, iPod, wireless phone

* Losing Energy Clue # 4: The device has a timer, sensor or thermostat.
Guilty sprinkler system devices, alarm system, air conditioning and heat thermostat, the heater

* Energy Loss Clue # 5: The device works all the time.
Guilty-router devices, refrigerator, fish tank and filtering system of the pool, water heater, water fountain, fan

* Energy Loss Clue # 6: The device has a current transformer.
Guilty devices-laptops, desktop phones, chargers, lamps, photo printer

The culprit is convenience. Comes to a price that is equivalent to 5-10% of the electricity use of American homes. A phantom load is electricity Sweepstakes when a device is set to OFF. Yes, even though the device is still based off the electricity in standby mode unless it is unplugged. This list of status is required for these devices are convenient and ready for use.

What can you do?

* Energy Saving Solution # 1 – Un-plug devices appliances when not in use.

* Energy Saving Solution # 2 – devices plug into a power strip and turn off the power strip when devices are in use, when you are away from home or sleeping

* Energy Saving Solution # 3 – Switch to Energy Star appliances devices which are not practical to disconnect.

Now you know what to do if you want to save 5-10% on your home energy bill. This simply change works well for everyone, so please share this energy saving tip with a friend.

Barbara Young writes the Energy & Money Saving Blog for Wholesale Energy Consultants at http://www.wholesaleenergyconsultants.com. To have providers bid for your electricity bill, purchase wholesale electricity, wholesale natural gas, or power saving technology Contact her for consultation and Get your Free report with energy saving tips at http://www.wholesaleenergyconsultants.com/freereport/.

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