Ground Swimming Pool

By · Monday, July 6th, 2009

Ground Swimming Pool
Above ground pool owners, which is the deepest?

Who sells and what brand has the deepest pool above of land. What brands do you consider to be the best, or should I say basically, how do you like yours?

52 inches is the highest height of the wall you can get, but the real depth of the pool can be anything you want. It is not unusual to do what is called dishing. In short, if it is a round pool, you can dish out the center of the pool an extra foot or so of additional shares liners to fit. If you want to go deeper, deeper you can dish, but you may need to request a personalized line for the pool. If it is a rectangle (such Kayak) or oval, you can make a deeper part of the pool. Usually, this form requires someone to go trowling competent wet sand on an incline or option more expensive than the creation of a sub base tank with a mixture of sand portland. The new liner would be a custom one. It is not too difficult or expensive to do any options presented here. All of them, I did at one time or another.

How to vacuum and clean a swimming pool

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