Water Pool Raft

By · Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Water Pool Raft
Can you help me learn to swim?

Haha I need to learn to swim Thursday. so I can not take any swimming lessons … I just need advice techniques, you know. i really need to know how it does not sink when you are just being still in the water. i do not mean it's not moving, just want to say, How do you stay in one place while keeping afloat? I move my arms and legs around, but where? and how? This level please reply.! I will Six Flags Thursday and let the water park and want to go in the water slides that do not use a raft and go to a big pool of water. but I have to learn to swim a little. [I am not asking Michael Phelps type swimming, something I just avoid drowning.]

The good news is that our bodies are designed to stay afloat! It is almost as difficult as it sounds, I remember the first time he jumped in the deep end when he was 4 or 5. I was scared to death, but made me myself to jump and it's amazing how easy it is to keep your head above water. To tread water (which is what I was saying about keeping still in a period), can use both legs and arms, just sort of making circular motions with his hands and legs moving almost like riding a bike. The easiest way to swim distances if you are looking to make a doggie paddle base, is a front crawl. It's as simple as kicking legs and extending the right arm, pulling it toward you, and doing the same with his left arm. If you have access to a neighborhood pool or something like that tomorrow, I suggest visiting and swimming in the pool until you feel comfortable. Good luck!

Passed out Drunk Prank on Friend Pool Raft into Pond

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