Swimming Swim Goggles

By · Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Swimming Swim Goggles

You took the plunge and entered her first triathlon! Great, but what now? This article focuses on the beginner triathlete detailed equipment list will have to make his first race a success!

The sport of triathlon is growing in popularity each year and consists of three sports all mashed together in a continuous run. Swim, bike and run. We will cover the sections in order and what you need for each section.

The first is the swimming portion:

Then comes the bike:

The final segment is the length:

I would also recommend a protective quality solar and comfortable fitting clothes, shorts, shirt, etc. That's really the whole team must successfully complete their first triathlon. Settings of the transition zone is another issue to be discussed in another article, for now, the race of his execution, keep your emotions under control, and before you go to cross the finish line =) Good luck and above all FUN!

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