Swimming Masks Mask

By · Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Swimming Masks Mask
Why swimmers with normal vision see distant objects as blurred when swimming underwater?

How do swimming goggles or a facial mask correct this problem. This is from "The lens and the eye" unit, which I am studying in class.

The surface of the cornea is curved, so if you treat water as a lens (as refracted), which can be translated as a concave plane lens.So light rays more and split the image way beyond the retina.Moreover is like the relationship between the refractive index of aqueous humor and less water than the ratio of the refractive index aqueous humor (the material of refraction in the eye) and air power decreases.When converging eye lens wear glasses that have a flat surface, the water acts as refracting half slab, so that there is only a lateral displacement of light rays.Morever the lens of the eye is not in contact with water.So refractive power is not affected.

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