Swim Bathing Cap

By · Friday, January 30th, 2009

Swim Bathing Cap

It's time to start looking for the right gift for the most important woman in his life. This year, why do not please her mother with an ecological gift. Here are some of note:

Organic Clothing

You're spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing organic clothing for your mom on this Mother's Day. There are organic hats, blouses, dresses, pants, nightgowns, fitness apparel, swimwear, shoes and even widely available on the market.

Some of the materials used to produce these clothes are organic cotton, alpaca and wool, and hemp, bamboo and organic soy fiber. Take a peak at her mother's clothes to make sure you have your correct size.

Organic Bath and Body Essentials

What better way to pamper your mom on her special day than with a gift basket filled with luxury organic skin care? You can find natural and organic products in the bathroom of blissful aromas such as lavender, jasmine, grapefruit or pink.

To make your gift more special, make sure mother receives a complete range – organic soaps, scrubs, bath pump, shower gels, oils, lotions, creams and sprays for the body. towels completes its portfolio with a pad organic and ecological or sponge.

Organic Candles

If your mother is falling into a whirlpool-like home, entertainment, or simply freshen the air in your home, organic candles requirements. traditional candles made from petroleum products emit toxic fumes in homes. However, organic candles made with soy or beeswax simply scent the air and help set the mood.

Organic Chocolate

If you want to attend his mother's candy, choose chocolates made with ingredients that are organically grown and harvested and processed in an environmentally friendly manner. You can often find at stores that sell organic fair trade products. In addition, some lines of sweetening their chocolates with scents and spices instead of sugar, your mother would prefer if she is watching your waistline.

Green Cookware

To eat every day or entertaining, cooking green is sure to please mom's palate. They are made of sustainable materials and are produced with as little environmental damage as possible.

Bambu organically elegant lines, which produces cooking utensils made of bamboo and cork, and VerTerra, selling dishes made from fallen leaves and water. Viva Terra offers a line of recycled glass tableware, which eases the burden on landfills and reduces both air pollution and water pollution.

Vintage or Pre-owned jewelry

… Diamonds and pearls, and rubies and emeralds, are the best friend of all of a child. Unfortunately, many of these precious stones are mined under harsh working conditions and with little concern for the environment environment.

For guilt-free jewelry is good for the environment and in a few vintage drop in second-hand stores or check out her jewelry. Many carry a wide selection of rings, earrings, watches, necklaces and custom pieces.

, Organic Local Potted Flowers

Let you know the loving mother of flowers is a classic choice. The problem is that many of the flowers on the market are shipped from other countries or communities far away. This adds to air pollution, which is also a concern when the flowers are grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.

Cultured Locally, organic potted flowers are a great environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, potted flowers can be transplanted outdoors, where can provide nectar for birds and other small animals.

Green gift certificates or gift cards

Can not decide what to buy? No problem. Give your mother a gift certificate or gift card of your favorite green or earth friendly. To make things easier, check to see if the store sells gift certificates line. Also, try to choose green gift certificates or gift cards from retailers of long standing, and have no service fees or expiration dates.

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