Surf Beach Towels

By · Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Surf Beach Towels

Staycation? Please, if you are staying you are not on vacation! Is not it about getting a vacation away from the norm, not having to deal with the phone, bills, annoying neighbors?

Therefore, with a holiday in mind, and we'll throw in a holiday on a budget, why not escape south of the border of La Manzanilla, Mexico for a week or two? Believe it or not there are places in Mexico that are still considered budget. Now if you want the Ritz in Cancun forget it and stop reading now.

I'm talking about something unusual, but still an idyllic Mexican beach vacation. The long and flat, the beach is crescent is ideal for swimming and safe for young children. Sun, sand, surf and beer served in a restaurant by the beach that cost only about $ 1. Beautiful homes Vacation rental $ 70 per night or basic, clean hotel rooms as low as $ 25 per night. If you need a break that is affordable, this is the place for you.

With 1500 full-time residents of La Manzanilla is a quiet fishing village and peaceful. But if you are looking to start tomorrow a yoga class, an afternoon boogie boarding, kayaking and end the day with a wonderful meal at the beach this is the place for you. Many of the non full-time residences speak English, but not to worry that are used to foreign tourists and rarely have difficulty ordering food, asking for towels or get directions.

Where is La Manzanilla, Mexico?

It is 4 hours drive south of Puerto Vallarta or 45 minutes north of Manzanillo International Airport, Costa Alegre, or Happy Coast. The Caribbean has the Riviera Maya have the Costa Alegre.

Thus, with an option staycation or vacation, why not vacationing in a beach paradise with a small price?

June Nery is the owner and webmaster of an information website about La Manzanilla Mexico, find La Manzanilla rentals, activities, restaurant information, news and events all online.

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