Sandals Water Shoes

By · Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Sandals Water Shoes
What type of shoes would be better off with rafting and canyoning?

I canyoning shoes, but my friends 2 do not want to stop a $ 100 pair Quin or Tevas will probably never use again. I was looking reg sport sandals, but I worry the lack of toe protection. What about shoes old sport that would dry quickly? We are going to repel the waterfalls and we will get very wet with both. Does anyone have a suggestion / opinion this matter?

You absolutely will want shoes with toe protection. A good pair of sneakers, slippers or such, will do the job as good as most rafting or canyoning specially designed shoes footwear companies …..( I do not know that)! Your friends should know that the shoes will be displayed abnormal wear of such output as you describe, so if you have a pair of faces of Air Jordan or something might be better to buy Keynes! I used old sneakers, with good nice results, but the class with the canvas upper will have much longer to dry. Really old sneakers hit may disintegrate and that would be very bad, so can not be too old. (I had that happen on a trip to the Rio Usumacinta in Mexico / Guatemala … not a great thing to happen in the middle of nowhere!) Actually avoid sandals with bare fingers. I've seen several racing-related injuries river. You can be stylish, but the protection is more important! It is also important fit well and stay on for anything intentionally through the rapids!

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