Pool Life Guard

By · Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Pool Life Guard

Summer is a good time to make extra money. If you work as a teacher during the school year, you are a school or college student, or you are looking for a second job, there are plenty of options available.

When searching, think of the patterns that most people make during the summer. The climate is typically warmer. People are traveling or taking day trips. Children are at school. These trends create a need for additional support in a number of areas.

I have a list of 50 ideas for summer job to start in your search. A number of these jobs and services you can start on your own for the local advertising and spreading the word among friends and family. Others can be found through a Web search, browse the classifieds section of your newspaper asking friends or relatives of the references, or detention of the location and see if they're hiring.

Summer job ideas …

1. Lifeguard

2. Cleaners

3. Water Park Attendant

4. Surf Instructor

5. Beach Sales Tag

6. Beach Concessions

7. Arcade / Boardwalk Employee

8. Sailing Instructor

9. Cruise Ship Workers

10. Mariner

11. Rio Guide canoe / kayak

12. Amusement Park Attendant

13. Office Staff Vacation Rental

14. Tour Guide

15. Tourism Cash Gift

16. Hotel Employees

17. Retail employees

18. Airport employees

19. Photography Assistant

20. Disc Jockey

21. Party Planner

22. Catering Help

23. Waiter / Waitress

24. Bartender

25. Dishwasher

26. Film Room Attendant

27. Farm Worker

28. Landscape

29. Gardener

30. Construction Worker

31. Road Work

32. Roofer

33. Artist

34. Move

35. Car Wash Attendant

36. Housekeeper / Cleaner

37. Care-Pet Walker / Sitter

38. Elder Care / Errand Runner

39. Babysitting / Childcare

40. Track Out Camp Counselor

41. Paper Route / Messenger

42. Sports Referee

43. Little League Umpires

44. Golf Caddy

45. Ice Cream Truck Driver

46. Freelance Writer

47. Practical Training work of the Office

48. Recycling Organizer

49. Fitness Coach

50. Remove Junk De-cluttering Help

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Vital Viper – Pool LIfe Guard – Mammoth – Club Penguin

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