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By · Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Kids Boys Girls

A birthday party for your child cowboy is a joy. A cowboy-style party, with its western wear and decorations as always, is fun and easy to put together. Imagine doing "wanted" posters with the faces of the guests and hang on the wall. Even an adult can assign the role of sheriff. We think this is a topic of great party, both for the cowboys and cowgirls, So grab your hat and we can start using it!

Cowboy Invitations

An invitation great cowboy helps set the tone for your event. Consider issues such as cactus, barn dance, cowboy boots, ties, cowboy hats and course. One reason the West is a subject common for a first birthday party, but I think it works for any age, to adjust the style for guests younger or older. A photo of the little cowboy with a cowboy shirt also makes a lovely invitation. Finally, you can find beautiful illustrations called Wild West vintage older guests will love.

Cowboy Party Supplies

One of the great things about a party's theme is cowboys that is casual, and no fussy decorations food expected. Consider equipping your guests with red scarves or handkerchiefs. Relatively Cheap, but add a cowboy instinct, even if people do not dress for the occasion.

In an online search, you will also find packages of cowboy party supplies for groups of 8 or 16 guests that include cowboy party hats, cups, plates and balloons in one package. These usually run between $ 30 and $ 40.

Cowboy Decorations

If you can get the game out, blankets and bales of hay to be fun outdoors under the trees. Serving buffet at the picnic tables is as elegant as you need to get.

Country and Western music to along the lines of "Happy Trails" is both kitschy and fun. You may want to provide water guns for a shooting. On the other hand, if you choose not to accept celebrate your jeans at home, you might consider a trip to a horse stable and riding for older children.

For games of cowboys, we like the harvest activities, such as shots of the game, cards, tops or marbles can also serve as party favors.

Cowboy Food

The wagon birthday is the key. Fortunately, preparing food for hungry cowboys and cowgirls is quite simple. Options such as grilled hamburgers, sloppy joes, beans baked, tortilla chips and corn on the cob go over well. The idea for the cowgirls and cowboys juice drink from their canteens is cute too. Has old-fashioned taffy and candy to add to the feel of the vintage.

A cowboy birthday cake can take many forms. There are molds cake pan shaped cowboy boots shoes or hats that make a stunning cake. A sheet cake with the sheriff's star and rope-like swirl decoration is sure to be a success too.

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