Goggles Blue Lens

By · Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Goggles Blue Lens
When I look through the glasses I can see all the colors but when shooting through it that I can get a single color in the picturesque

This is a phenomenon I could not understand. All use of dark sunglasses and are able to see that the grass is green, sky blue and so is the vision is clearer. Once that color photography through the lens of my sunglasses' in the hope of obtaining a beautiful image of nature. Unfortunately, all I got was a picture the color was all things with different shades of green that I had used dark green lenses. What cant't understand is that if a camera can not discriminate between different colors through a green filter my eyes how they do it? Any explanations or comments. JIGYASU

I've even heard about a professor I walked for a week using their vision goggles that turned upside down. He said he had little time to get used to this and be able to function normally.

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