Goggles Anti Fog

By · Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Goggles Anti Fog
Glasses fogging!?

I have a problem with fogging my glasses all the time. I wear glasses heat and ventilation V Force goggles underneath. It a mess every time I go out and play 30 minutes I just spent 1 hour a day trying to figure out a way to prevent or defog my glasses and fogging. I have tried But fans are annoying to have to keep turning on and off, and noise. I have also tried anti-fog spray and that is not working well either. I've been playing since 6 years ago. Played on the scene of many events and tournaments and I still have the same problem but trying to find the solution to the short game. Any ideas on how prevent this from happening would be greatly appreciated.

Anti-fog sprays usless. Check to see if you have a thermal lens separation of the layers. If they do, then they will have to be replaced. If you still have problems, we recommend you get a ventilator mask, which will help in removing the fog.

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