Goggle Goggles Baja

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Goggle Goggles Baja

What is digiscoping?

Digiscoping is a form of photography that involves using a compact digital camera in conjunction with a telescope or spotting scope. The use of some basic equipment, amateur photographers can get shots of the stunning nature and other things that rival professional photos! All that is needed to obtain unique ups near crystal is a little patience and lots of practice! It may seem a long time but when you get to download these stunning images on your computer and share them with your friends will be well worth the effort.

What do I need to get started?

All you really need to get started is a digital camera and a telescope. Another team that may be a purchase price includes an adapter and tripod. An adapter Help to keep the camera steady and avoid blurring. A tripod allows you to keep a camera in the same position for long periods of time without getting tired of arms. If you are serious about getting the best shots digiscopy, especially wildlife, then the winner should stop Swarovski Optik telescopes be the first product.

Best for all applications …

Perhaps when you hear the name Swarovski, you think of Austrian crystal, and would be nice. Swarovski Optik is the son of Wilhelm Swarovski, son of Daniel Swarovski, founder of the Swarovski crystal company success. Use your resources excellent father and glass cutting techniques, Wilhelm Swarovski developed a pair of binoculars to feed her hobby of astronomy. Wilhelm spent his first pair of binoculars to build many more telescopes and binoculars, and founded the company Swarovski Optik.

You can find more information on the competition swarovskioptik.com

As the windows of his father, William optics are known throughout the world. Except, instead of being a household name in the circle waiting for lovers and jewelry makers, Wilhelm Swarovski name is well known among nature lovers and digital photo enthusiasts. Bird watchers in particular seem to favor the Swarovski brand, and one can easily find dozens of birding sites adopting the top line of scopes and optics.

With a philosophy that drives the best quality and claim to offer the best product for each application that tries, Swarovski Optik has reached the top of the market. Provided telescopes, scopes, binoculars and other optical equipment. And also provide kits for digiscoping.

Digiscoping Kit

Swarovski digiscoping offers several kits that include a scope, a tripod, and an adapter. In general, areas that offer these teams are at an angle, which allows the photographer to set the scope to a tripod and use the camera at a comfortable angle to the floor, while the telescope can observe in any place. The adapters included in these kits attributed to a range of digital cameras, allowing rapid alignment with the telescope. An adapter saves precious time alignment, the photographer can get spontaneous shots. This is especially important to photograph wildlife. You can not expect birds and sit waiting while you get the camera perfectly aligned with the scope!

I have to buy a special camera?

Loving people nature and new to the idea of digiscoping may think they need a special camera. While not all digital cameras are well suited for digiscoping, if you has a good quality camera, which should be fine. Swarovski areas and you can buy adapters that are compatible with hundreds of cameras, including cameras Canon, Fuji, HP, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

Tips for getting the best shots

  • Do not use the zoom the camera with your telescope. If you have a level of quality, has all the "zoom" it needs.
  • Practice with the settings. When you taking pictures using both a scope and a camera, you have two pieces of equipment to focus correctly. This will take practice. At the start the digiscoping, do multiple takes of many of the same things with different settings. When viewing images, you'll start to see what options work best under what conditions.
  • The exposure time shorter the better, allowing less time for movement and any other factors that could cause a poor image. When you has a magnified image of dozens or more times, any factor will appear little more.
  • When digiscoping, remember: every movement is bad. In fact, to touch the camera can provide too much movement. If your camera has a timer, you might consider using it in a while a picture of several seconds after you have walked away.

    Practice, practice, practice

    As with any worthwhile pastime, digiscoping require practice. But once you have practiced at many levels, and has finally got that perfect, unique in its kind, close up, consider Digiscoper Swarovski Annual Year contest. The winners and finalists in the competition to win very nice Swarovski products.

    Rob Rich is the president and CEO of MEI Research, a Temecula, California- based company with many lighting/equipment manufacturing property supply for consumers, businesses, and the military. For more information on http://www.meioptics.com/optics/swarovski Swarovski binoculars and http://www.meioptics.com night vision goggles, check out meioptics.com

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