Floats Swim Ring

By · Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Floats Swim Ring
Democrats / Republicans, help me out with this hypothetical?

Let's say you are all on a cruise. A poor person who passes be in this boat with you, and he falls. Republicans, are allowed to sink or swim? Democrats, do you throw a floating ring, but then do not throw the boat? Because that is what the economic plans of both parties seem. The Republicans will allow poor sink or swim, but do nothing to help either way. Enough Democrats throw a bone to keep them alive, but never help them get any better opportunities for promotion. Or at least that is what it seems. So What would save this poor man or what to expect the best and return to activities in the cruise?

is called a democracy: two sides of the political monopoly of old. As rightly pointed out, it is useless.

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