Fiji Island Huge

By · Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Fiji Island Huge

Kadavu island aboard bite, which occasionally head well offshore and successfully target Blue Marlin on 80 pounds chair leaned against top class, but looking for a great black along Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef would be a totally new experience for us.

Having spent years trawling small light opposite platforms bait reef slopes of wahoo and sailfish, we had some great encounters with blacks, but on one occasion, we met a monster that showed us that were there …. simply not interested in our small teams. An afternoon of fishing for the smaller inshore boat, controlled a large 15kg bait jumping team was taken by the biggest fish I've seen, I huge black marlin. Somewhat reluctantly, I took the rod that was now staring pathetically weak the face of this fish and beaten. The black will not notice. She crossed the propeller wash, spit the hook and idled under the boat. All gawped overboard and saw that was actually larger than the 16-foot boat. She was there, more or less, a great and extraordinary spectacle, right under our noses.

What's more, the divers returned occasionally complex stories of encounters with huge needle … and pictures to prove it. One of my colleagues captaining the Charterboat Wai Tadra put a black on the Kadavu seamount estimated at 950 pounds. There is no doubt that large Black Marlin Astrolabe Reef cruise, but the orientation and the capture of one was another matter.

Peter's interest gave us the perfect opportunity to give a serious try.

We have mud around. We flew in Glen Gardener, a friend and professional deckie Sydney Australia, who normally works to lead the needle cap on board the Bounty Charterboat 'Hunter'.

Glen brought with him and extra 18 "flying gaff and two 130-pound bars of Bounty Hunter's chair.

We fish "style of Cairns, where we spent the morning capture and handling of bait fish moved to the big drag around lunchtime. Lures such as MBT 22 "Buddha and the great Pakula Smokin Joe.

Early afternoon, the time it is expected that most of the bite, we went to one skip-bait and bait swimming in the 130

The weather frustrated our efforts for early work were limited to the leeward side of the island. Fishing so close to the reef, we expected to face heavy losses for the wahoo, mackerel and barracuda, but interesting, with those big lures and baits we find that the normal range razor that has just destroyed the base and baits in general tend to avoid. Moreover, although no bites were frequent, were always super-size fish. I was surprised when he landed a 100 lbs Yellowfin Tuna that broke a Joe Smokin Lumo at only 30 meters of dry reef. Super-size decoys was to eliminate the little people and find big fish that are not expected.

Finally, the wind ceased. We awoke to a cloudy morning calm, caught bait, carefully manipulated our offers, check all of our photos above, recheck drag all our options and went to our favorite fishing grounds that were only 10 minutes, just opposite the station. It was not long. A 12:55 videos of bait on the boat was left wrapped in a ball of spray as he left a hole peaked in the wake.

Everyone went into action. Peter took howling and the team went to the chair as the fish is outside the circle hook rigged bait. When all was ready, the drag was relaxed circle hooks lodged at the corner of the jaw of fish and 300 kilos of angry black marlin taken in the air.

I saw blue marlin and fought many, but this was my first black and differences were striking. Blues quick eat a lot and then pick a direction and go, go with the intention of ever stopping. If they stop one, then the sound and often you can turn into a slug-fest. By all accounts, Blacks are totally different and this fish fought like a typical black. They charge around, especially at or just below the surface with no clear battle plan, and love nothing better than putting on a program for photographers. They are as acrobatic as a Pacific sailfish and as strong as a bull. What an amazing fish, and right here under our noses.

It took an hour and ten minutes for the leader of the hand. We had to close quite quickly, but was so green and therefore a serious danger to the crew, who softened and took our time. At 320 pounds broke the existing M-130 National Registry of Costa Rica and Peter decided to weigh the fish. The first documented Great Astrolabe Reef Kadavu black that I know barely tipped the scales under 320 pounds. Just a great but why start!

We intend to take every opportunity to continue fishing for Kadavu island's Black Marlin and to tag and release enough to paint a clear picture of their habits and seasons.

Given the observations of divers and our own experiences of Black Marlin huge here, our goal is to find Fiji Grander first.

Sometimes it's fun to be a pattern Charterboat …..


Adrian was born on the island of Cyprus and graduated to his first rod & reel at the age of five. Having fished around the world from the Arabian Gulf to the North sea and English Channel, he finally settled for the tropical waters of the South Pacific around the island of Kadavu, Fiji Islands. Director of Matava Resort Gamefishing, he skippers ‘Bite Me’, the resort’s 31ft DeepVee Gamefishing vessel and thoroughly enjoys exploring the light and heavy tackle fishing around the island and Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. An IGFA Certified Captain, he advocates tag & release and is a keen supporter of the IGFA and the Billfish Foundation.

Adrian Watt
IGFA Captain

Wild Pacific – Fiji

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